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    Q: What is the price range of trees?
    A: Usually $35-$45, but small table top trees go for $15-$20 and larger, 12 foot trees, can get up in the $80’s-90’s.

    Q: What is the average height of the trees?
    A: On average the trees will range from 5’ to 8’. But occasionally we will have larger 10’-12’ trees.
    Q: Do you have a “Choose and Cut” operation?
    A: No, but often the trees for retail have been cut very recently, so the trees are still fresh.
    Q: Do you package the trees after we purchase one?
    A: No, but we will help you load the tree into your truck or car, or on the roof.
    Q: Do you allow dogs?
    A: Definitely! (Provided they remain leashed at all times)


    Q: How late do you accept wholesale orders?
    A: As late as trees last which is usually until mid-September.

    Q: What are the prices for wholesale trees?
    A: A price list is available upon request, please see the
    Contact Us page.
    Q: Do you deliver?
    A: Yes, the delivery cost will be determined by milage and number of trees to be delivered.


    Q: Were do you grow your trees?
    A: We have many local plantations, one is in Worthington, and the rest are in Windsor.

    Q: What kinds of Christmas trees do you sell?
    A: We sell Balsam and Fraser fir trees both in the wholesale and retail business.
    Q: What is the difference between Fraser and Balsam?
    A: Frasers tend to have stiffer branches, good for large or heavy ornaments, but the have less of that traditional ‘Christmas tree smell’. For pictures see our


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