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   Our father, George Sturtevant, started selling “wild” trees as a young man before enlisting during WW II. Returning home after the war he again took up selling wholesale and retail trees. In the mid 60’s a local forester convinced dad to take over the management of some plantation trees that the forester could no longer manage. So began our introduction into growing high quality plantation grown Christmas trees. During the 70’s and early 80’s we had about 70,000 trees ( 7 varieties) under our care. In recent years we have reduced our size in half and now concentrate on growing only Balsam and Fraser fir.

       Over the years we have exhibited trees at Cummington Fair, Great Barrington Fair and the Big E. We were consistent winners of the champion tree at Great Barrington and have won the Grand Champion prize at the Big E. We also won the inaugural “ Peoples’ Choice” award there.

       Our operation requires year round maintenance. Spring finds us planting new stock, fertilizing, and checking for all sorts of pest that interfere with growing quality trees. Summer brings us to the required mowing and shearing. Early Fall involves grading and tagging the trees to be cut that year along with making sure the equipment is ready for the busiest time of year- the harvest! With the number of trees that we handle, currently between 2500 and 3500, our wholesale cutting normally starts in mid November and is over just before Thanksgiving, as wholesale customers often want their orders the day before or the day after that holiday. Our retail lot opens the Saturday following Thanksgiving and continues to Christmas. Winter gives a little break but by March we are checking the equipment for spring work.


  • Champion tree at Great Barrington
  • Grand Champion prize at the Big E.
  • Inaugural “ Peoples’ Choice” award at the Big E.
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    Mass Christmas Tree Association

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